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Wear your beer belly and not perfect 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Summer to halfway and see their bodies, are you still in the beggar? Stars are afraid to take their breasts and perfect figure, as a member of the mass ordinary people, why do you struggle without eight-Pack Abs. Edit to let male stars tell, tell you how their weaknesses, "wearing" a better body.

"Sedentary into PEAR," General beer belly body type

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Most people have this body type, characterized the rest of normal size, only the abdomen more prominent, like pears, also claimed the beer belly. If you belong to this size, it means you are sedentary office workers, lack of exercise, or alcohol. This body of men dressed not particularly evident shortcomings, but it seems that always seems not mental. Try a dark vest shirt and dark vest can effectively tighten waist extra meat, able and handsome looks.

How to cover a beer belly

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

May be subject to United States country-style effects, light washed denim shirts are becoming very popular, but never put it in white slacks! That would make the abdomen more prominent, but show weakness! Long waist coat is put away in the right selection of belly.

Beer belly body matching guide

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Tip1: avoid too relaxed attire. Comfortable fabrics and fresh color, easy to make people feel good about themselves, but in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Too relaxed dress will make you look unkempt, bloated and obese.

Tip2: the belt is bad than otherwise. If you cannot play a role in tightening the waist, then it may well weaken the presence of belt. Dirt boss, on the belly bulging Flash blind "h" button is absolutely taboo fashion.

Tip3: not to mention his trousers tummy! Don't think to raise the pants could hide protruding belly, even worse on this belt!

Fat, thin, uniform long legs-brother

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Fat, thin, uniform long legs-brother

Fabulous long legs oboe belong to this body type, 1.1-meter proud legs long and slender body, where the focus group. Such a body, fat, thin, well-proportioned, tall, and no obvious muscles, clothes rack was born. Basically anything too ugly, but too casual wear will only waste the two long legs. So wear a plaid skinny pants with high degree of difficulty with the color of items and shirts, the maximum highlight the advantages of longer legs.

Long-legged God min-Star model

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Oh, my God! Oboe where proud long legs that go? Seemingly cool spell skin t-shirt is oboe temperament is matched with a thick passers-by, especially black trousers paired with black slippers. If not with black sunglasses, do you recognize this is Lee Min HO? White shirt and skinny jeans attractive enough for Lee Min HO, overly complex match is baotiantianwu.

-Cucumber body matching guide

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Tip1: wear a white shirt is a skill. While everyone has a white shirt, but not everyone can wear well. Since God has given you the advantage of height and build, it acquired qualities cultivation depends on the individual.

Tip2: narrow-leg pants to grasp. In the idea of straight men are always very taboo narrow-leg pants. Narrow-leg to what extent and where the delivery information is completely different. We want to wear it straight and an infinite amount of sense.

Tip3: remember that "less is more". Fashion does not necessarily follow the "less is more" principle, but to this body type people, few will be able to better advantage.

"XI coach" tomato-body type

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Tomato-body type is characterized by torso partly very mellow, always the feeling of wearing a bomb, which is often said that the fat man body type or tenor. Obese Body apart from trouble in dressing, your heart will almost certainly be more careful, not greasy and need to lose weight on a diet! Medium-length coat is good to hide your belly, remember wide collar is! Wide lapels could modify other people's faces clearly. Down on the choice of dark-coloured trousers and black shoes, tightening on the vision.

Pavarotti was also "an XI coach"

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

For a tenor Pavarotti, dark shirt instead of just oppression breath, light wide ties made his stomach look bigger, like a balloon. When he was on the stage wearing a tuxedo, looks much better. First, because the shirt-collar, and second, because the tuxedo tailored tailoring.

Tomato-size matching guide

Wear your beer belly and not perfect! 7 steps to shape the golden ratio

Tip1: not the word of stripes. If you want to choose the striped clothes, and that as the fat man when you consider fringe, rational selection of vertical stripes, stripes the stripes.

Tip2: the collar is the "fig leaf". Fat man in history, it is referred to as "no neck". So, shirts emerged as the fat man's salvation; wide receive appropriate modesty, avoid abrupt fat pie face.

Tip3: dark forever, black and blue forever. Dark will always be fat favorite in the world, buy a durable dark blue woolen suit, hide your lovely beer belly.

The golden ratio is inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body type of the golden ratio, is how many people dream of. If you are this kind of physique, good for you, basically anything too ugly, wear better, of course. Want to have this body type, in addition to congenital factors, more the result is acquired with sweat in the gym. Cowboy wild is very appropriate for this body type, a Jet jeans, and boots can match Martin very well against your muscles.

Dress thin strip of meat in shape

As "the dress was thin, strip the meat" star who, in choosing business suits if dew point meat, certainly loved the Earth. Uncle is not to say that business is so worn wrong, problems out of his backpack and clunky shoes. If you can get a matching handbag and leather shoes, this plain business suit will soon be brighter.

Inverted triangle body type match Guide

Tip1: give full play to their advantages. As time wore the clothes of fried muscle macho, wearing slim effect cotton t-shirts, vaguely sketched out the ups and downs of muscle, is enough to draw a car screamed.

Tip2: the proper sauce meat not a foul. Hard body had no chance to show? Once in a while to roll up their sleeves to reveal small arms, five minutes or wearing trousers, exposing leg, to be reasonable, and can even unlock a shirt button, the small exposed collarbone.

Tip3: avoid loose, pay attention to image.

Brick-type athlete figure

Brick is tall and strong like the athletes body, usually NBA star is the body type. Too-tall stature, when choosing the clothes will be very limited. Wear to wear is always a wide variety of sportswear or XL shirts in foreign trade. Waist and cuffs ribbed crew neck Sweatshirt is very good for you, with a skinny Jean, can well control the lower body proportions.

Simple matching big

Leisure is that many young American style, especially among the tall, generous people. However, it really is difficult to manage styles, in addition to a player's physique, wear what looks good temperament as a model for the face, are indispensable. Way to dress like this can't really be regarded as leisure. This refreshing mix called leisure on the right.

Tall casual

Tip1: don't think of leisure as an excuse. Whenever the casual and random are two concepts. Seemingly casual wear put more effort is needed to pick up the details, and casual wear put will only give the impression of a sloppy.

Tip2: athletic dominance. As sports style hot in recent years, each has made a lot of sports-style items, so many choices, and even everyday wear sporty can match a good effect.

Tip3: choose an appropriate collar. Normally bricks because of trapezius muscle, easy to wear shirts without neck. So select a crewneck, V-neck can improve neck and head, shirt choose small collar.

Sprouts-skinny body

This body type like bean sprouts slender slender, short, smaller even than girls. And very often or how to eat to eat no fat physique, we suggest that this figure may be more time for exercising, make yourself look less fragile. Printing complex coat to keep your upper body is plump, and keep it simple, to divert attention, and with increased effect of sports shoes, maximize the look higher. Spend some effort in the accessories, remember that enrichment is the essence!

Bean sprouts small four-figure

This dress on the left is wearing can be said to be simply a tragedy. Not only no quality at all, instead of making a serious statement is ridiculous. Jackets wide collar and four small faces do not match how we won't say, unusually empty pant leg and like bizarre pointy shoes shows a trace of the ship. Compared with the right that is much better, not only visually, white is more full, broad, also helps to improve the ratio of height of the torso.

Hide thin body dressing method

Tip1: skillful sole thickness. Of sneakers with air cushion increase with immediate effect, thick-soled man Bloch shoes also has a 3~4 cm high, the right mix of words would gain a significant elevation changes.

Tip2: haircut "increase outside." Increased hair is among the stars of magic. Comb a handsome head of aircraft, or a shaggy Mohawk are valid outside the increase means. Hairstyles with soles, increased easy 10cm.

Tip3: complex printing bold wear. Black slim this is reflected most vividly in the type person. So give up the black, most people need to avoid complicated printing is prepared for this type of person. Complex printing expansion in Visual effects, can be modified in shape defects.

Fat frog Belly shape

From tomatoes and pear-shaped, is between a body type. Usually the abdomen and lower body is round, a little middle-aged spread. This body of person usually dark clothes, so they don't look so fat. Dark double-breasted suit fat people thin artifact, be sure to match the Ascot! Narrow ties will only make you look fatter.

Fat dressing slimmer rules

A pink shirt and white suit on the left really fat, and strange horizontal creases on trousers is more fat. Look to the right, a black, but apparently lost a lot, stomach tightened, the proportion of the lower and upper body looks more normal.

Fat-body matching guide

Tip1: say goodbye, and white. If not on purpose in order to portray a villain, like some of the character of God of gamblers, so it is advised that you stay away from white suit. Because "white fat" also in body fat reflected most vividly.

Tip2: Please put on suit buttons. If your jacket is not button on the buckle, then it's not form-fitting suit. Ask the tailor to tailor-make a suit you can labelled buttons and pledge button does not pop out of the possibilities.

Tip3: choose wide tie. For fat people, can save your neck collar, then the tie is to save your face. You know obese people if narrow tie will have a breath gas feeling, Ascot is the most suitable choice for fat people. Light Queen MILF yujie on maintenance of fixed

Match body shirt beer belly dark tie gold perfect fat man

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Melody played with color try CHANEL brand new four colour eye shadow color

Four-colour eyeshadow Chanel (09) experience

[Author: mixed skin, 33]

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Gorgeous again wantonly playing colors in the summer season, can only be truly colorful sense of vitality in summer

It could stock up, just like, you have to start again, which is basically a woman's disease, met after the shopping spree

Bask in the order are virtues, good things to share, allow yourself to pull weeds, but also give you various grass wow doom o (∩ _ ∩) o

Everyone loves Chanel, Chanel Sun, will always attract countless girls look very normal, who sees double-c logo is not to be tempted?!

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Discovery CHANEL introduces new exotic eyes, hold ALL new color, lipstick control do anyway, shadow control ...

How his beloved brand is not enough, remember the last guy who said to blow new color, well, p disposable color coded roll for you this time, which met, in bloom!

Bottom row from left to right, CHANEL new four color eye shadow color number is: 202#,228#,232#,208#

Top row from left to right, 204#,226#,214#, there are also new CHANEL single eyeshadow color 114#

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Anyway, this new color most of the colors are very desirable, friends saw mind plates, especially on the new colors are very practical

Also saves brain color problems, give you good, move the hands superimposed on the line, full wood hard

With 8 unique color combinations of exotic eyes, inspired by Chanel's favourite Tweed fabric

As long as you dare to try, one in the hand, whether you like how to match dress with distinctive, mix their own flavor

This gloss has a good upgrade for the new color and more color than ever before, more full color high, people there are, the more love the taste!

Well, no more to say, try color articles purely and only CHANEL can be so dead set, as always, captures the heart of p ...

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

CHANEL exotic eyes 228#? Tweed Kang Peng, a symbol of style in soft Tweed Chanel eye shadow

Put in the first disk description p TA like no doubt, is also weekday daily makeup using up a plate of

This pinkish-purple, and very gentle femininity

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Rainbow velvet purple, pink and light blue and rich purple, pink four-in-one, color or mixed colors with pretty, intense color + vintage disposition tune, beautiful dead ~

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Personal preference for pink and purple eye shadow, a Japanese feel, many papers are scared of pink and purple eyeshadow will draw out bug-eye

Proper shade overlay shading not da, a large area of OK, tiny flashing particles will heighten the bling bling eye makeup

Very nice, very harmonious, hazy misty eyes are so hard to do, p, o (∩ _ ∩) o haha ~ wood has been to ...

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

CHANEL exotic eyes 232#? Tweed Venetians, a reveal the secrets of Venice Tweed eye shadow

Green eye shadow p is rarely used, because it can be dirty, out of curiosity or Pocket

Feel for creating small smoked European makeup

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

This surround consisting of green eye shadow, including soft silver, blue, green, dark green and Platinum color

More Flash, more glossy, can look thin Flash TA really delicate, unlike the Japanese dish of large particles in Flash

CHANEL Flash content, Oh ~

Melody played with color, try CHANEL brand new four-colour eye shadow color

Seems turquoise with little, and don't look green, dark green and smoke grey, color adjustment for a long time this doesn't work

Midnight line and color is very difficult, and lines and cherish! (Mad.. ), The most important is the transition between different colors, under more SUMI

Formed from shallow to deep gradient, although some master wood painting done a superb job, but can feel Europe of small deep smokey eye makeup

CHANEL exotic eyes 202#? Camellia flowers, mauve, rose, white, purple-brown, lavender powder

Actually to tell the truth on the upper right corner of the piece a bit purple, purple related or rest, p good surprise

Or is that p is color-blind, haha, but will not decrease feelings of love of TA

Eye shadow looks ugly is not seen with the naked eye, be sure to try color effects, the photos don't lie

Still really don't, try hand-color really show purple, reserved yet lively, lively and elegant

OL to work or going out horse suited ...

CHANEL exotic eyes 208#? Tweed jiabailier, like a storm sky grey Tweed eye shadow

Always think before gray eye shadow is difficult to control, getting dirty, second "Panda" embarrassment, but generally appears in the new

Masters need not worry, strike the right small smoked opium smoke free

Blend the gentle gray, Platinum luster, Velvet black and gray, mauve, French smoky walk, p can only play small smoked

Big smoke will dirty will destroy ... Technique is not proficient, goes on to discuss continued to practice ... For competent, self advocates of modern woman

CHANEL exotic eyes 204#? Tweed Joan Fontaine, a shining light of Paris Tweed eyeshadow

This impression is not deep at first, try could kill you, especially lower left it with a meat-Orange, so fresh, and post-Impressionists

Match look bright for many, little literary style temperament

Dark beige, Mi Tao-, gray-Brown and rich almond, subtle texture take warm and quiet, overall colors very Western style, the next time you open eyelids line and color

CHANEL exotic eyes 226#? Rivoli, Golden beige, pale rose beige, Brown, rose gold beige

Japanese often use Brown, is the atmosphere, bias always colors glutinous and glutinous rice-Brown gloss-Zambia

And highlight the eye make up the depth of God, stronger push!!!

Pretty shocking, gloss better words, who says the small eye shadow colour out of the sweet home? Full wood well, adhesive stripes

Light brightening dark enhancing makeup, SUMI beauty of the gradient, make instant magnification of the eye effect?

CHANEL exotic eyes 214#? Ms Tweed, a sway morning light Tweed color eye shadow Strap over the palette with enough hot

A natural earthy colors, not pick people not to choose colors, couldn't match what color to use the best of

Universal color, Joker, lazy, Ah ha, HA must have ~!

Light meters and deep beige, Khaki and yellow satin Brown merging into one, highlighting the characteristics of women's fashion and elegant, as simple as you thought-provoking

New CHANEL single eyeshadow color 114#? jump of bright yellow, this color is not daily, but for a special occasion can be in the eye of a

You can immediately get the finishing touch makeup, glitter particles are dense says, sparkling gifts

Official eye makeup effect of p was also cut to the four easy girls according to the learn to draw and color shades have a very good identification of the

Operation is very simple, the so-called creative makeup is going to have its own unique taste, outside of the above four kinds of eye makeup, of course

Free play to their wisdom, everyone has their own style, as long as we try, Chanel will be able to give you unlimited inspiration

Join us to play around with various eye makeup this summer ...

"All rights reserved Please do not steal"

Four-colour eye shadow eyeshadow Chanel Tweed Chanel color color purple smoke

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How take the top sweet Street white lace slip dress

Coming in early spring, the weather gradually warms you ready to Spring Street? New lace back into fashion this season, matching coat heavy attack, Korea sweet lace straps early Spring Street mix and teach you new fashion.

Comes with a 1

Comes with a 1

Sweet and romantic lace white dress with Princess temperament, in the warm spring take off the thick cotton-padded clothes, mix and match with Candy-colored sweaters, sweet add a hint of Frank.

With 2

White lace with Jersey leisure sweet, and temperament. Early spring temperature sooner or later, you can also select a light trench coats outside,

With 3

If you want to match a sweet sense of College, may wish to use Hoodie mix lace dress to create a charming pretty sweet meaning, gray and dark gray high waist and socks at the end of cascading order, plaid flat shoes perfectly echo the overall style.

With 4 Doris Yushan Procter and Gamble home extraordinary

Grey hoodie with white lace dress, or with jeans hem flat shoes, hand carry a balenciaga motorcycle bag full of sweet, cool, handsome Han Faner.

With 5

Black and white classic mix and nonconformist, white lace skirt revealing brought sweet fashion, deer patterns pullover full of sense of taste, high waist stockings high heels fashionable style.

Sweet lace dress lace white dress shirt early spring mix

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No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy

If the Flash is too cheap, small belly came into A4, and then missed a shoulder is your perfect choice. Not only cool in summer but also small dew sexy. But how should the gel beauty show is cleverly, also a finishing touch accessory to make you smart.

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

From the neck to the shoulder line was one of the most fascinating parts of women of this super popular strapless dress can wear sexy and a little sweet taste. Slightly off the shoulder, white colour, combined with a suitable chain, just drool, it's perfect.

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

Shoulder PERIARTHRITIS skirts paired with necklaces as early as in the movie Roman holiday, Audrey Hepburn plays the Princess liked the mix, it's no wonder reporters played Commander gegeligaoli·paike Qiao·bulaideli so crazy about her.

How to find that perfect necklace, bazhu sister give you a detailed analysis.

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

If you like quiet little fresh flavor, small pendant necklace you neck strapless dress fitting, street photography of people is this, Oh!

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

Small pendant gleaming in the Sun, never steal your clothes, but at the critical moments to make you unique. Regardless of the star or a supermodel, even if they are beautiful and moving, beautiful figure, but if there are no items set off, will seriously diminish a lot. The party of clocking most fashion Festival bag

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

Black strapless dress with Black Roman shoes and sujin pendant combination is especially charming.

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

Pink strapless dress at the waist and put on a shirt, stylish stereo, in particular, can hide the meat, served with a simple thin chain pendant, Fashionista in one second, and sexy.

No small waist and long legs made off the shoulder of necklace can also be sexy summer

Loose strapless tops, front hem in pants, creating a casual feel, with jeans and Lok Fu shoes, fashion pendant sprinkle more color.

Cindy Chao The Art Jewel White Label forest series spider pendant

Cindy Chao The Art Jewel White Label forest series spider pendant

Tiffany and Co. Tiffany floral round decorative pendants

Tiffany and Co. Tiffany floral round decorative pendants

Cartier Cartier Amulette de Cartier necklace series

A short necklace, one shoulder, two are "neck shoulder cut, show" as the ultimate goal of fashion items, together is appropriate.

Necklace of short and bare neck and shoulders can be distinguished, not only reveal the collarbone of the perfect line, but also plays a decorative role.

One shoulder design and fold hem more graceful elegant, go with silver neck chain, also marked a different style and feminine.

Light blue strapless dress, ruffled design becomes sweet, topped with Golden neck chain sharp bright eyes.

Black one shoulder blouse is very elegant, with a high waist and a-line skirts, waist more slender, gold neck chain neck, details of exquisite fashion show good taste.

Dior Haute Joaillerie bow design diamond necklace

Bulgari Bulgari Corona 18K white gold tennis necklace

Tasaki Tasi Qi Abstract abstract world series Star necklace

Exaggerated design necklace also fit strapless dress, strapless with a bare neck and shoulder area happens to be the best way to showing exaggerated necklace, complex design or large volume can make a person can pay attention to, want to suck eyes duo eye the perfect choice.

Black one shoulder long t Olivia Palermo not too serious, large Golden Pendant neck ring increases the suction in the shape of eye-and more noble.

Obama's wife Michelle is also very desirable exaggerated necklaces and Bare shoulders matching.

If there is no neck weight, area, designing sophisticated necklace can be a blank area of the neck padding, even if classic black and white could not let the crowd see you.

Leandra introduced before fashion bloggers through large pendant necklace with different length stack up increased neck, shoulder between the layers.

Extravagant necklaces to little black dress is chic and great personality.

Chanel fine jewelry Cam e Lia Gourmand series necklace

TSL TSE sui Luen Daisy Qian ju series necklace

CHOW Tai Fook precious night star necklaces

Strapless pendant necklace fashion necklace of small waist long leg sexy one shoulder

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A recruit skid gear in the snow shoe fashion at the end of match

Snow arrives, the most important thing is, of course, non-slip! From the sole perspective, of course, depends on the sole grooves. Sole grooves deep and more slip-resistant shoe sole is not easy to keep ice and snow, slip resistance is better. Recent hot gear at the end, can be used.

Gear monk shoes

Gear monk shoes

Gear monk shoes

Shoes not only can for we of overall wear take icing on the, also can turn do up whole body of leads, gray tones suit are loaded, in cold of winter certainly also need a pieces warm and fashion of windbreaker, black shirt and black windbreaker do up has foil wear take, silk texture of purple tie and purple gear monks shoes mutual echoed, overall fine and not fashion low luxury of sense. Of course, when choosing slip resistant shoes, still want to see the sole material. Now available skid resistance skid shoes are much better compared with the TPR material, such material is more wear-resistant and more portable.

Shoes turn starring role

Shoes turn starring role

This year hanging feet pants suit of wear take push to has peak, so socks of show and shoes of wear take and will is a door fashion learned, such wear not only highlights out has shoes, while foil has socks, here will blue black gray combination of cross stripes socks match has deep purple of monks shoes, shades color compared, also is highlights is and not rob their of Thunder.

Western-style gear high shoes

Western-style gear high shoes

Western-style gear high shoes

More and more shoe styles today, highlighting the growing desire of men shoes, eye-catching items, is worthy of note, in the purchase of non-slip shoes can not be selected heeled or flat shoes.

Purchase anti-slip shoe can not be selected heeled or flat shoes

Purchase anti-slip shoe can not be selected heeled or flat shoes

Leather high help shoes keep cowboy elements, texture of wool suit jacket matched with casual overalls, overalls pants casually rolled up the details, not only to maintain a casual wear put style, while positioning platform shoes have a better show.

Cashmere gear boot

Cashmere gear boot

Cashmere gear boot

Here is a mashup style school of leisure, school logo shirt and Plaid mosaic jackets sport style pants with bound feet, especially the soles of a wine-red and wine-Red Hat uniform echoes, also will bring a lively deep plain clothes body fine perception?

Shoe detail

Shoe detail

Shoe sole and shoe color stitching is enough to make the shoe more exquisite and stylish, especially wine-red with black, understated luxury so red men's items, there is less abrupt, men buy shoes to attention to details of design, which is when you wear a superior.

Gear pair of shoes

Gear pair of shoes

Gear pair of shoes Holidays men begin to prevent holiday syndrome

Dark blue trench coat and suit pants, paired with pure-white knits and contrasting blue and white, or be more prominent white sweater, put natural black and white dress shoes and the overall agreement, but shoes not only the benefits of the shoes and yellow hues in the middle and the sole is a delicacy of the shoe greatly improved.

Black and white mix is a classic

White shoes with black shoes, whether it is athletic type shoes or block dress shoes, every year, classic looks are also designers praised, but it is also a black and white dress up, different kinds of stitching and design of different models will be much for shoes with a specific style.

Shoes non-slip soles and match trendy worn take monk black fashion

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Are adequate car Honda accord the highest concessions up to 33 000 yuan

1976 came out of the accord, since the market has been in pursuit of environmental protection and energy saving targets over the next few years every once in awhile it will introduce new models to the replacement, Honda has the latest technology on the accord to build more energy-efficient environmentally friendly vehicles, new collection 2011 Honda Accord Honda forefront of science and technology

Recent activities that the 2011 Honda Accord started a new round of price cuts, especially the maximum amplitude of 33,000 yuan in Shanghai area, see the following table for details:

Within the specific changes, see the 4S shop notice

Within the specific changes, see the 4S shop notice

Vehicle body lengths up to 4960x1845x1480 mm, fuel consumption of 7.9 litres per hundred kilometres.

Youthful appearance and fashion modeling

Youthful appearance and fashion modeling

Terms of appearance, appearance is a dynamic collection of elegant, flexible light curve of the front air, coupled with the rich texture of the tail. Central air intake grille from the previous chrome-plated hexagonal outer ring as a whole, adjusted to a top single chrome. Middle banner from the previous three, evolution as a brand new two piece of chrome trim. The overall effect is more simple, more visual impact.

Front face vary, the overall rise waist line

Front face vary, the overall rise waist line

Interior aspects smooth of curve tie slightly explicit clumsy of in the control Taiwan build out has typical Honda style, technology sense full and elegant of Interior combined with, brings new experience, instrument disc is not is excellent of place, no highlight of color but black and white match makes its in day night are is practical, main 25-40 age of accord entertainment system also began improved, connection variety interface, such on can with himself of tracks list accompany himself spent added finished class of night.

Are adequate car Honda accord the highest concessions up to 33,000 yuan Are adequate car Honda accord the highest concessions up to 33,000 yuan Are adequate car Honda accord the highest concessions up to 33,000 yuan Avant Technology interiors and comfortable driving environment

Avant Technology interiors and comfortable driving environment

Space is a typical Japanese sedan features to ensure ride comfort in the front row, back row is a bit poor. Great storage space.

Space is quite satisfactory level of Japanese cars

Space is quite satisfactory level of Japanese cars

Power, and unique to match Honda's I-VTEC engine, automatically change valve opening time according to the driving situation and the degree of Ascension, achieve a reasonable intake and exhaust timing, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing power, reducing fuel consumption. Although not on the sudden acceleration is very good. However, in terms of maneuverability and smooth are very commendable.

Compared to the old dynamic configuration upgrade

Compared to the old dynamic configuration upgrade

The new accord Coupe details Summer Yao you

Has previously reported, the accord Coupe concept car hybrid system will also be introduced, by a 2.0L engine and a 120KW motor (with 6-kilowatt lithium-ion battery), this system has three driving modes. Including electric, hybrid, as well as "direct-drive" (direct-drive).

Effect of new accord Coupe rear

Honda said in pure electric mode, the car is capable of traveling at speeds under 100km/h 16-24km and 120V voltage, charge in 4 hours, 240V voltage, the charging takes only 1.5 hours.

News, fall of 2012 officially launched the production version of the car

Earlier news that Honda will be in the autumn of 2012 officially launched the production version of the car, just do not know in the country will be able to see the car's true.

Accord Honda car chrome technology Interior Coupe matching engine

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You are saving money to buy a pack I can go with cheap accessories for Ni Ni

Many people think that bag is the upgrade model of good taste and texture of the primary items, goose, really fashionable people expressed "HA HA." Yes, when you are saving money to buy a pack, Ni Ni back in with these chic accessories wild style. Core plug? That's right!

Ni Ni has been the entertainment industry recognized high clothing Q actress, song Jia, compared with avant-garde fashion, like Ni Ni moderation fashionable reference to eating people is higher.

From the elegant and neat striped shirt and trousers, to the lively and playful color stripes casual, Ni Ni really is born hanger, find out what style that does not hold.

Goose, good shape, Meow of high face value total does not proud to challenge difficult modern style all day long. Her character look, has an affinity for it is Hin! (In this case, there is no "native" subtext! )

All styling is based on basic, but easy to wear magazine Blockbuster's sense of style! So, what to do?

Born! (The official smile. jpg) really not kidding, this background, wanted to wear the ugly is also difficult to ...

Of course, hard Meow also have a secret their put upon it! Otherwise why write down your baby?

Well, just when you worked to save money to buy a bag, cats always have long used these cheap little accessories to style a row! Effect of leverage!

At this point, you may have some heart ... (Sincere affection. jpg) it doesn't matter, learned and you can be a hero!

1. neck chain

Necklace (Choker) should all be familiar with, not just Ni Ni, Zhang Yuqi, Liu Tao, Bai Bai where ... Many female stars are hopelessly in love with this unique style of small accessories.

Don't get cocky, said White Tee it was really hard to wear the feel of pure color, but if you match a Choker, soaring shape immediately fashionable, look how thin!

Baihe Bai is to attend the award ceremonies, film promotion, or daily wear a lift, the Choker to put it down.

Zhang Yuqi shirt matching choker and have flavor, sports attire also disseminate modern atmosphere.

2. the straps

Then this little accessory is also from this city look,Gucci printing of Ni Ni jeans and a simple white shirt, very lazy functional style.

But, as said before, the lazy wind is usually death at first sight, the 3D effect is sloppy as hell.

Total wit my Meow, with a single strap subtly makes it laid-back casual look and a little more formal sense, constraint shapes, lines and rich content.

Straps have a very magical accessories, which can play high street style, can also twist the retro Feel.

However, no matter how tone is full, forcing full!

3. the hat

Well, the hat can help male stars, grow taller, can also help goddesses and twist style! Wearing the basis for a ride, joined Cap this accessory can make shapes become more abundant.

Moreover, both sun visors, hats, baseball caps, match is full of stars like Dah!

Hat a bit more comfort is, do not take the error, even if inconsistent with the clothing style can also ferment a mixed sense of chic.

MANGO contrast-color satin hooded 159CNY

4. sunglasses

This accessory is required of a star like single! "I don't mind the Sun today! Sunglasses have style enough to support my acting! "

Yes, wearing dark glasses can tell immediately from passers-by to a star! Super Star is not a joke.

Ask a question: that's cool not cool!

Well, the comparison makes perfect! Idols is immediately bundle up!

Gentle Monster x Henrik Vibskov cooperation sunglasses products not priced

(Boutique and website sold), of course, these accessories in addition to the usual things, there are plenty of relatively strong sense of design, but the match did not have any difficulty accessories can choose Oh!

5. small silk scarf

Small Silk scarves are a very versatile accessory, the most common of course is tied around the neck, classic and elegant.

However, there are many fashion fine silk scarf tied in the hair for small bands, the elegance of a French fan.

Strapped to his wrist as "bracelet" is a play of more fashionable, comfortable and cool than the bracelet, but life would indeed be a bit cumbersome. Still, the US is enough!

6. wrap-style skirts Holidays men begin to prevent holiday syndrome

In Sacai 2016 on the spring-summer ready-to-wear show, this wrap skirts began to set off a new round of popular agitation.

If you liked this popular asymmetric style, then this very creative pieces you have to access!

Wrap-style skirt design with high effect of fork, lengthen the leg line, lower body makes her look slimmer.

Matching skirt is unique, matching trousers can be chic, hit shirts low to see! How to wear cool yy.

7. Design earrings

Hit reality show we love before, weeks winter rain shows some great styling, and all items in the earrings are with troops in hot pursuit of the top paragraphs.

Compared with delicate little earring weeks winter rain select these designs fully earrings did some more modern age.

Even if the whole body were passers-by, as long as there is a strong sense of style earring can also instantly chic.

Stylenanda modern wind metal ball ornament earrings 93CNY

(Official website is available for sale and cat shop)

8. funky socks

Don't know when I began, fashion wear shoes without socks ... So, now to just wear socks even became a kind of fashion!

Both sneakers and shoes, matching up a color coordinated, stylish and elegant pair of socks, are suddenly there.

With many fashion fine likes to put socks in heels, I heard that can effectively alleviate the foot!

Modelling accessories Ni Ni smart match style Choker stars grace

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Golden Bell Awards actress Selina beauty than a cycle hit shirts into the

Last week, Golden Bell Award, the ELLE Gala, Shanghai 20 anniversary celebration ... Various awards comity feast we are satisfied, the star's exit rate is more blurred, which hit highest rate of shirts of the Golden Bell Awards actress and keen-eyed friends can feel the Jin Zhonghong carpet there are familiar, though with different color can not escape user critical eye ~

Hit into a Golden Bell Awards actress Selina white skin beautiful is better than a cycle shirt Kardashian

Hit into a Golden Bell Awards actress Selina white skin beautiful is better than a cycle shirt Kardashian

Selina in Lanvin autumn/winter 2014

Selina in Lanvin autumn/winter 2014

Kardashian May 2014 attended the Metropolitan Museum fashion of the year celebration wore this Tux

Kardashian May 2014 attended the Metropolitan Museum fashion of the year celebration wore this Tux

Lanvin dresses were baggy, Selina dress is very neat, with same color shoes makes ornaments more vivid colors than the Kardashians white skin advantage is clear, Kardashian wore this Tux free upper body sheet, would fall down at any time felt very strongly.

Fang Fang in Gucci fall 2014

Fang Fang in Gucci fall 2014

Kamila·Beier attended the Gucci Museo Forever Now perfume launch party

Kamila·Beier attended the Gucci Museo Forever Now perfume launch party

Fang Fang-like this on the red carpet is of great visual impact, dynamic made her stand out from spiral, edged with holographic bag that makes you feel like not to play, but the style is tough in his hand is a little silly, instead we take a look at Kamila·Beier's style, sense of fashion handbag compact overall higher octaves at once.

Zhang attended the ELLE ceremony in Blumarine autumn/winter 2014

Zhang attended the ELLE ceremony in Blumarine autumn/winter 2014

Bianca Bai Golden style

Bianca Bai Golden style

Zhang this and over the Golden Bell Awards actress Bianca Bai hit the red carpet of shirts, this foil dress with a sense of popular actress like, unfortunately, Zhang gave us the look without that eye front opening, huge bright spot was buried ... Handbags are very nice ~

Lin Chi-ling at the beach to celebrate 20 years in Shanghai Tang

Lin Chi-ling at the beach to celebrate 20 years in Shanghai Tang

Liu Tao 20th Shanghai TV Festival

Liu Tao 20th Shanghai TV Festival "Magnolia" awards ceremony

The celebration's most vivid is the Chi-ling sister, red lips match the wavy curls are retro flavor, more sexy wearing this feather on charm than Liu Tao years unchanged all back hair is the style of Chi ling such a strong sense of style make up.

Wu Yan in Gucci fall/winter 2014

Ning attended the jewelry brand Pomellato baoman Turandot Taipei flagship shop opening party

Since Gianna June through Gucci diamond dress, this trend is not stopped, nobody can hit all of the white sisters we switch color, yellow, black ... Almost actress crashed again!

Yuan Quan attended the Grazia "Red China" exhibition

Sixth Vogue modern city that never sleeps Korea activities, Gao Junxi appearance in Alexander Wang autumn/winter 2014 2012 the most sexy men model rankings

Jun-hee Go earlier just anounced their through, personally prefer Korea girls to wear, matching knee boots elongate legs lines is a very wise move, makeup is Jun-hee Go on superior, is the inside reveals a refined look like.

Golden Kardashian actresses Selina hit shirts Zhang Lin Chi-ling celebrations on the beach