Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do the Fight to Darkseid as Bizzaro With the new Lego Batman step 3: Beyond Gotham DLC

Lego Batman phone case 3: Beyond Gotham just got some bizarre with its latest DLC wrap

Superhero iPhone 5 Case Batman

Gameinformer has revealed that from at the moment Lego Batman iPhone 5s case 3: Beyond Gotham has taken a turn towards the abnormal with its new Bizzaro DLC pack.

As for players who don't know the Bizzaro universe is a universe where all the things is the complete opposite from the normal POWER world and in the Bizzaro DLC pack, Darkseid has attacked these planet Htrae and the only individual who can stop him is Bizzaro magnificent version of the Justice League, some Bizzaro League.

Players will also be just to be play as the other members of those Bizzaro league which includes the realms worst detective Batzarro, Bizarra, CyZarro, and GreenZarro as they work together to bookmark their world in a way that only could.

Players with the Lego Batman step 3: Beyond Gotham season pass are certain to get the Bizzaro pack for free nevertheless other gamers will need to pay £2. 99.

The Bizzaro pack is present for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii, PS3 and the PC and the Month Pass also includes the Man of Metal, Dark Knight, Arrow, Batman 75th anniversary and the upcoming Suicide Team DLC titled The Squad DLC.

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