Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moist Couture Sets International Store Ausdehnung Plan

The Juicy iPhone 5 case hallmark is growing globally, and through it is licensing partners, expects to open 133 stores over the next five a number of.

Juicy iPhone 5 Case Love

At that rate of openings, Moist stores would total at least 335 globally by the end of 2020. Actually, 31 new international sites seem to be planned for this year.

Eight nations will see new stores, with a few — India, South Africa and Azerbaijan — having a Juicy presence initially. Among the licensing partners opening locations are: Folli Follie Group, Terre, 5; Handsome Corp., South Korea, 4; Walton Brown, Greater The far east, 15; Majid Al Futtaim, Gathering place East, 2; Reliance Brands Limited., India, 1; Surtee Group, Newcastle, south africa, 1; Novco Group, Azerbaijan, any couple of, and El Palacio, Mexico, -

There are 199 freestanding stores in foreign countries. That's in addition to outlet stores and shops-in-shop in select department stores across 62 countries, including the U. S.

Our freestanding stores carry what is instantly referred to as Juicy Couture iPhone 5S case Black Content label. New to all the international stores a spring, including shops-in-shop and over the internet, will be the footwear category through a venture with Steven Madden Ltd.

One at a time from the core Juicy brand, main freestanding Juicy Couture Girl's business will open in Azerbaijan a spring.

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