Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gozo updated wardrobe spring summer 2016 motive power

Trip to Gozo psychedelic colors The Psychedelic Color Trip on psychedelic color tour! Light colors in the forest Through the eyes of the girls Spark intense and youth In the spring and summer sunshine free running!

Seasons is the power of wardrobe update. Spring, Gozo will be the freshest wardrobe force pushes you, and partners together to randomly match, licentious interpretation. As long as you don't live up to this spring, and just be happy together! Gorgeous smoke has been ignited in the jungle, wanton youth waiting for departure.

Spring delicacy, Gozo new feast, 3 series equipment magic teller ...

Cowboys, fields of activity

Classic washed denim, between the different thicknesses of fabric, combined with extensive digital watermarking technology, different profile cutting presents a completely different dressing. Profile shaped windbreaker leisure hundred take, match loose cowboy skirt, combined with Department fabric hand package and shoes, build out unique of denim cool girl, personality full marks; received waist printing dress Shang of playful printing, break soft women temperament, not needed complex, one piece can show youth trend breath; boyfriend cowboy coat is is spring summer season of essential single products, regardless of match knitting shirts, shirt also is wide leg pants, are can deduction out easily comfortable of fashion fan son.

Perspective, the magic stage Face and hairstyle best suited program

Pivot fabric with graffiti or irregular wave pattern, used in the sweater and skirt for simple strong winds brought a breath of lightness. Points of interests and perspectives of the different colored fabrics out of natural flavor combined with denim, cotton fabrics and other materials, to create sense of native tribes; Totem pattern sweater combines the classic profile of perspective, feel free to mix down, instantly creating retro artistic temperament.

Stack took individual journey

Combines three of the most popular stack upon the wind, trip to Gozo for this season of hyper-consolidation stack set programme is available. Loose version type long knitting shirts, and knitting vest, and cotton quality t-, and stripes not symmetric seven points skirt, and long skirt, rich of single products in match in the produced wonderful of chemical role, created out Gozo unique of literary breath; long vest, Wei clothing and wave points Culottes combination out leisure fun; styling simple of suit paragraph long windbreaker match 7 points suit pants, and with out a unit neutral ya ruffian style.

Spring and summer of 2016, Gozo poems breath far away, igniting passion and dream. Go, extensive changes in psychedelic colors, open a belongs to you and the lost city of Gozo tour!

Matching denim wardrobe color perspective of motive power in spring and summer tour

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