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A glimpse of leg quarters is coming too late to lose weight Choosing the right

Saying goes in March not to lose weight April beggar, when everyone else wore dress clip-se, you thick thigh inferior? No need! Meat that I cover up, choosing the right items you have supermodel legs!

"Leg times" there are also not-so-beautiful legs

Talk about SNSD, what do you think? don't tell me face first blind ... ... At least, you'll remember their legs, right? •

SNSD popularity has a great relationship with their legs, dogleg song GEE dance, the domineering yujie and later The Boys dance, "legs era" impression on people. However, the mission there is in fact one "no legs"

With this popularity members yoona, Yuri Yu Li of the right name is mentioned may be less, but she is also a big beauty! leg a little fly in the ointment (see this photo? okay here no p version)

Fan bingbing Yuri Constitution actually sounds like, fat or thin, the face is small, is a woman of great beauty but a sturdy pair of legs ... ... Lean time looked so bad, when there is no activity on the fat very capricious ... ...

And, most of all, fan good clothes, good modelling teams to help her cover the meat, but Yuri not! every event model is not the same disaster, Ca really don't want to ask the design team just hate her! what crude fat legs he gave her what!!! Spring in ten beautiful Hello as you blue jeans

If you have thick thighs, with Yuri annoyance, no honest people with clothes for you, then here are a few cheats to get books you remember!

TIPS 1: don't tell me hip you are just thick thighs!

People who worry about generally have thick thighs, felt his crotch is also very big. In fact, for us Asians, hips are unlikely to really big, you think you're hip wide is large, it is because your thick thighs!!!

• Hip who?, Gigi. But her lower body look fat? no! why? because her thin Ah ~

So, Ah, • hip + legs thick you, want to look like Gigi fit? once again, raising the waist line is everything!

I use "Star II" Dakota Ta·fanning street wear up to a demonstration. The same thigh is not fine her, at the waist line and when there is no line, it does seem at least 15 pounds?!

Even more exaggerated when she attended the event, is not a man too! (I swear this is a picture of a period! hair!)

Do you know where the secret? is to continuously improve the waist line and a wide skirt!

  So, a-top dress is very suitable for thick thighs you

① CARVEN edging the dredging cut crepe mini skirt $460

② J.CREW stretch denim mini skirt $176

③ HALSTON HERITAGE crepe hanging neck dress $636

TIPS 2: Learn Visual balance method to save money and look good!

Meat alone won't cover, dressing slimmer or only partially looks OK. (Think, where meat covered there, that Saudi Arabia woman looking over there are very thin? no!)

Pull a star came out to see it, do you think Selena Gomez so thin?! Long coat looks bloated bloated too much...... "butt look bigger"

Visual balance is the most important, the lower part of "big", upper body also made it "big", so that your thighs big butt is not obvious strategy!

Also is let Selena Gomez took to model about, as thigh also not is fine of a member, left of look was put himself of shortcomings are exposed (face round, and fart fart big), and right for Shang a word led of dew shoulder loaded, face variable pointed has, fart fart looks also is unlikely to has, thigh line was Harlan pants fuzzy off has, and fashion and thin!

① ROSETTA GETTY strapless cotton jacket $993

② MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION silk Georgette ruffled strapless dress $2,778

③ PROENZA SCHOULER strapless short printed crepe jacket $1,357

TIPS 3: wear short bottoms can be carefully

I know that with thick thighs calves under thick girls are afraid to wear short dress, this is easier to expose shortcomings of dress is, of course, wear less well, however, actually wear shorts also have to be careful, get to be thinner than you wear a long skirt or legs!

Kaoteni·kadaishan is the daughter of the Kardashian clan ~ with her famous sister Kim Kardashian how old is bad, but they have a big butt and thick legs ╮ (╯ _ ╰) ╭

You will not have a myth, thick legs can wear trousers? in the summer only to see other beautiful girls wearing short bottom shows long legs? you can! and wearing trousers may not be suitable for thick thighs sister like her

See's, side is wear tight pants, a again is wear slit skirt, two a look of compared is super big? is obviously is right of looks is's! Courtney of shank relative more fine, slit of skirt on in Visual Shang elongated has she of shank, so will overall looks whole article leg are fine has! simple told, on is a Visual Shang of trick.

Not understand?, you followed my recommendation to buy dress pants wonderful!

Leg strapless SNSD Yuri Visual age lose weight item model

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