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Character Baidu News 2 the big actress the world s most beautiful

Low-key flaunting a big-name actress playing "double ice" wrist wrestling

For many women, rather than wearing priceless jewels, rather than selecting a show watch more of the connotation of disposition. Whether it is an elegant black and white or delicately beautiful color, whether it is a simple neutral or quiet woman, skillfully taking watch, can demonstrate their amazing charms!

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Recently, the peak of their careers, fan ye, often naturally goes without saying, in the face of all kinds of trophies, of course, do not forget to put the most touching Pose. Deep blue watches in this elegant, simple and concise yet café style, matching with the color v neck pleated dress, light makeup to make her more naturally pleasing to the eye.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Now across the international popularity of Li bingbing, personal style but also as swift as butterfly wings, splendid natural Needless to say. This gorgeous OWL modeling jewelry watches, unique style, color deep elegance. Suit matching shoulder pads, winding curly long hair natural hanging from one shoulder, revealing able woman.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Zhao Wei as the spokesman of LeCoultre Watches, Zhao to intellectual, elegant, elegant image of the watch interpretations more charm. The white diamond watch, round shape into the soft scent of a woman, with a white sleeveless dress, more pure breath rushing.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

M-summer mood with color shine and dripping. Alyssa attending the event, chose pink watch paired with exaggerated earring as a finishing touch, really refreshing. Match asymmetric dresses and exquisite snakeskin handbags, mature yet youthful vitality.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Before the singles, Gao Yuanyuan is temperament in the seal as a ring girl; love, high round everyday dress up get people's attention, is worthy of worship, her grasp of the trend combined with self a degree of relaxation. The White Watch, cropped sleeves dress with the simple form, pure as ice and snow.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Posture increasingly plump eijun Gong Li, proud cause small dew line, while also did not forget to show their deep fashion details. This fine jewelry watches, dials, bracelet and ring, earrings match bright but, down to the black deep v neck dress, watches as the night stars, bright.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Myolie headed being a TVB actress myolie, circulated by its unique charm, she dominates the wireless one sister. Wearing a white shoulder gown she attended the activity, chose neutral gold watches as collocation, and long necklaces, shiny belt form a visual harmony, her temperamental.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

Siyan Huo smell fresh girl is very attractive, despite the small make-up, still could not conceal her smart atmosphere. This unisex watches, atmosphere of graceful shape and deep color of the dial, gave her a different kind of woman style, matching satin dress even more enticing.

Character Baidu News 2: the big actress + the world's most beautiful

For fan ye who love dark colors and light because accessories in the shape of, this has profound Dial Watch, as strong shoulder dress matching, seems very attractive. Mix and match with slender gold bracelets, invisible and refined understated splendor.

Dressed in a tuxedo, Li bingbing, and watches as her temperament tide ride. Watch the jewels of the airfoil, the bright dial with black strap exist side by side, with exactly the same style of dress, furnished in one continuous line.

Recently busy with filming promotional jintian, their tastes are on the jump. After attending an event, a Black sleeveless dress vividly her serene beauty show, and as a finishing touch accessories, watches, intense black like her Audrey Hepburn elegance and charm.

Buy Meng Li Xiaolu, Hyun young also has capital. Not just skin, in the accessories selection, tender ride experience. This cute cute White Watch, paired with cartoon t-shirts, really the age effect.

Ariel was one of the hit series I may not love you Idol we know not Ariel, as in the amazing beauty in the workplace, in reality she, too mature and elegant. Concert with dress black watch graceful atmosphere, with a luxurious gold ornaments, yichen-able.

Zhi Ling sister of nearly 40 years, in terms of age matches with ease. Single white watch paired with this little dress, had Satay to heart.

Right hand wearing white watch, founder of atmospheric modelling l a little more cool beauty. With white shirt and jeans, nothing unusual dress, she becomes pure invincible.

Not all star MOM can be called "hot Mama", early motherhood Sun Li, also attended the activity becomes more cool color. Black gold slim watch, rounded hollow strap even more fashionable taste, with a gorgeous tassel jewelry, more delicately as a whole.

Film the painted the day, Yang's neutral wrist watch seems to be a Joker, and Ginger dress, soft in her mature flavor.

Simple costumes can stop bright mood, a pleasant tourist dressed Zhang Jingchu, shining are left wearing a gold watch, round and bright elegance of the dial, whether dress or casual wear, elegant Joker.

When you attend an award ceremony, Zhang Zilin, a pale bare shoulder dresses is very clear, and as a finishing touch to match watch, deep black low profile did not hide her gorgeous, but she is more mature and stable.

More feminine time polishing Zhang Ziyi, she was wearing the gold watch, just to highlight her extraordinary international fan, with a strapless dress, gestures, filled with elegant charm.

Zhou Xun's unique dynamic atmosphere, let her White Watch more age effects, modeling simple white table, with a colorful print dresses, very refreshing.

****************完**************** Wendi free sky high domineering woman jewelry

World's most beautiful female celebrities TOP35 Zhang defeated United States first ladies

Reason: Besides talent voice and body beauty, Beyoncé 's vocals were not covered. In addition she was also enthusiastic about public welfare cause, set up a dedicated charity funds to help a lot of people, including victims of Hurricane Katrina in the family!

Reason: first of all, she didn't follow the hungry himself as lonely tenuipes compasses, followed her around for their business, the above two points has been difficult to get. From the start of the lost she shows us her sexy and acting skills.

Reason: Adriana Lima with the aura of a Queen in the show (and looks gorgeous in sharp contrast is, she stands the Catholic Church---and sometimes show also holds the Bible); in life was a wife and mother, make·yaliqi is blessed with!

Select reason: when asked if he felt young when a female role model, Fox replied, "what if" model "means let me preach girls female virtue end, Sandra and virtues that I'm obviously not if you want your daughters to be independent, strong, and able to fight for their beliefs, then Yes. "She did so.

Reason: Salma Hayek collection of beauty, wisdom, and wit in one MILF charm hold up people. Absolute is the mentor of young girls, boys and the admired object!

Reason: since the Sin City Alba is many people's dream girl. She is enthusiastic about public welfare was even agreed to unpaid out producer baobo·weisitan, as long as he is to the United States large donations to the Fund for AIDS research.

Reason: Rihanna's musical talent no doubt looks bright along. Chris Brown Madonna-like mind that is beyond most people's reach ... ... ER ...

Reason: her love child have to cast a vote. AJ works in recent years is not much, but everyone still remembers her. Both at business occasions or participate in charitable activities have been invincible.

Reason: Shakira's voice not only stunning, total devotion to child welfare service is also appreciated.

Reason: she is one of Hollywood's acting actress; and her beauty is full of changes, or elegant or beautiful or handsome, often bring surprises. As for her South Africa charity efforts to spare no effort, already widely known!

Reason: despite the severe malocclusion, and Eva Mendes has never wanted to be corrected, but easy to laugh at yourself for "bring your own bottle opener", such a confident and open-minded, not every woman is, or how she can cow eat grass, fallen Heartthrob high Commander?

Reason: as the first special edition of sport magazine swimsuit Israel models, Pattaya • laifali called creature indeed. At least, you ought to believe plum crafty eyes, right?

Reason: as a successful talk show host and the producer of the rookie competition America's next top model, the former Victoria's secret Angel shows us an excellent model in after leaving the runway can have much potential to play.

Reason: size Petite Mila kunis frequently boarded the old lists in these two years, in addition to the appearance of good character likable big because she is also a senior female players--WOW wower helped her obligations, cleaning.

Reason: action movies (the watchmen), comedies (the partner of resorts), romance (of the sham marriages) these three popular film was finished by her, the crowd was broadly based.

Reason: because she and Scarlett Johansson beauty that makes movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona Woody Allen, I am satisfied, not to mention her in Almodóvar films of An Upside-Down World of interpretation.

Reason: since its debut in 1992, Heidi Klum in the modelling results for all to see. Not only that, she chaired the project runway reality show also has a wide range of fans, can be described as beautiful talent all rolled into one.

Reason: after retired from wrestling on the field (she was a big factor in attracting male viewers buy tickets), Stacy Keibler was on the dancing with the stars of the stage, a pair of legs is absolutely killing machine.

Reason: Sienna Miller's impressive except for her beautiful face as she kind of transcendent calm temperament. Her dress is quite creative, unlike some actresses "safe" but boring mix, Shi Youliang eye pen!

Reason: putting flat-chested says, Keira Knightley looks really beautiful and special. Most importantly, she is not willing to just a vase, has been seeking engagement, acting breakthrough, and so far her progress is obvious. It's commendable for an actor.

Reason: the Diva of the genre is so dynamic in Latin America, and dancing is pretty good.

Reason: the shining smile sweet actress dumping high Commander in the notebook, fans fainted in the Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson, also tempted, in the great detective Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr, who can not fall in love with her?

Reason: ever since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon shows her in martial arts, Ziyi Zhang in this "face full of Oriental charm" is familiar to audiences in Europe and America, she was intoxicated people in memoirs of a Geisha, the operetta Tanuki goten performed tap dance and was once the youngest Cannes Film Festival jury.

Reason: Alicia Keys is full of musical talent, won several Grammy Awards. She also collaborated in the formation of a Fund for children, for families infected with AIDS drugs in the African region, has helped many children.

Reason: read mad audiences will agree that "Betty" list! Never seen!

Reason: has an Angel face killer body handsome husband pretty baby, "Victoria's secret Angels supermodel" Miranda Kerr is really called a lucky dog, rare is that she also has a good heart, even to protect the Koala, she would bare the body to do publicity.

Reason: tarnish the rich don't mind plays quirky roles, such as Wednesday in the Addams Family, Miss, really impressive.

Reason: seen Battlestar Galactica viewers probably will feel this beauty like a sculpture of robot girls rule, it sounds ... ... Did not like anything bad!

Reason: please those who think sexy vampire in the twilight series is boys and girls are going to have a look of the underworld, played by Kate Beckinsale people kill, kill the Buddha vampires Buddha retaining female soldiers is enough. Alien certainly loves is also very dramatic.

Reason: Taylor Swift beautiful song and pretty and talented. Besides, girls love only crying, while Taylor inspired rolls!

Reason: Michelle Obama called "after Jacqueline Kennedy's most fashionable first ladies of taste", but her mind is very bright.

Reason: in the girls cheerleading, we see the beauty in great acting, but Gabrielle Union is one of the most respected her willingness to share with the public the misfortune of being raped when she was young, and in solidarity with women against violence. She and Wade are a stunning couple!

Reason: next-door-girl in the big bang theory penny not only captured the science geek 4 people group, has reminded the world of science and technology's vision of love.

Reason: If primitive man had Camilla Belle in the prehistoric 10,000 years so the United States, estimated wave upon wave of male viewers are willing to cross the traces of the past.

Reason: Gossip Girl in the sairuina·Feng·de wood forest of elegant fashion, taste good, in reality the Brulee Ke·laifuli that her temperament and good taste made her get a designer's favorite.

Reason watches global most elegant dresses girls white beauty

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