Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Long leg sportsman who taught you how to elaborate on three wild

At this time included freshmen, students must-meet the new term is "bags". Bag is indispensable to the student to wear a single one of the launch type is also a wide range of bags on the market. Sit happy new year new year lucky new muscle match

Long leg sportsman who taught you how to elaborate on three wild

Now the bag is also an integral part of fashion items, in accordance with their match play different styles, different embellishment. With both books below without losing the sense of fashion bags are available.

A) practical backpack

Long leg sportsman who taught you how to elaborate on three wild

For a new life, and holding a thick students specializing in books, sturdy backpack is the preferred items. Back backpack is able to use both hands, is very useful for students.

Backpack carrying will not be uncomfortable for a long time is a good choice, with textbooks and other products for heavy would not be out of shape. Except appearance design, but also to consider its function.

There are choices and blue and brown color to match can greatly reduce the chance of wrong. Protects the space it would be perfect for notebooks and other intelligent appliances.

Regardless of gender, best suited for preppy bags are backpack, the types and styles are very diverse.

Instead of nylon, choose leather shoulder bags? A Rock Chic style, grade, school uniforms and everyday casual wear grade. Canvas materials, Buckle, hand or Pocket leather material used, interpretation of classic fashion. Soft beef tendon fabric as well.

In addition, neat square leather belt, not only can be worn with casual wear, but also suitable for suit.

  B) fashion shoulder bag

Long leg sportsman who taught you how to elaborate on three wild

Students choose clean and elegant styles for everyday wear. After the coat or jacket and shirt, canvas or leather shoulder bag, to create clean and able students.

Students choose larger sizes with more books, also recommended for light fabrics.

C) fashion icon select "clutch and tote"

Not much, no casual color matching clutch a try. Women hand bag, has now become one of men's fashion items. Colorful styles, complete the whole dress up items.

Clutch's popularity through the show can see it. The appropriate size, can be put into multiple things, create cool styling for the City boy on the fingertips.

If you have not had time to prepare for clutch, handbag is a good choice. Pattern set off the trend from last year, is also reflected in the bag, now so common, can be prepared on a Oh!

Shoulder bag baodan sportsman show you wild leather match student

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