Friday, May 8, 2015

Small size ~ cardboard table: Refold

Speaking of table, what do you think? A desktop with four legs? Yes, this is a table of the most natural look. As a table, it requires only a flat stable, you have to work on it at any time draw. If I say, there is a table weighs only 6.5 6.5 kg (Note: thanks to Ein corrections ~), also running around with you, anywhere, anytime support your work, you'll want to make it for a minute? Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 case

Refold is a table made of corrugated cardboard, right, is you normally see the cartons of material, somewhat different is that it has greater load-bearing capacity. He used 7mm thickness of double sided kraft paper production, weighs 6.5 grams, with 6 parts. Assembly or disassembly process can be completed within 2 minutes, all the parts with a hard insertion combinations without any tape or screws. When needed, it is a desk; when we need to take, it is some stacked neatly in cardboard. It's highly ergonomically designed, you are willing to pull up a Chair and sat down, just right in height; you want to promote blood circulation in standing, just break off the desktop to change angle combination which height can be adjusted with your height so you stand with your writing and painting.

Natural kraft paper looks so you can have your desktop originality, feel free to paint well, as long as you like. Oh by the way, although the Refold is truly made of cardboard, but it's load-carrying capacity of the slightest need not fear, an adult male standing on it doesn't shake. But after all pressboard material, it is impossible to tread thee, but careful use of words, or can be used for a long time. So to envisage, after meeting your Department in advance, meeting rooms, the point Assistant will remind you "holding pen"; this adventitious meeting room after whatever, it Assistant will remind you "take pen and paper, put on the table." What kind of pictures Ah ~ ~ Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6

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