Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fast veteran who survived HMS Hermes sinking dies aged 98

Any NAVY veteran who survived the actual sinking of a Devonport warship may have died at the age of 98.

Hermes Galaxy S6 Case White

John M was among just a few survivors that when HMS Hermes S6 was attacked with Japanese aircraft on April in search of, 1942.

Mr Watts died on, may 27 after a battle with dementia plus kidney failure.

His widow, 72-year-old Shirley Watts, said: "He was obviously a very easy-going man, a good grandfather, a good husband, he would do anything for people who. "

Mr Watts was born living in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in April 1917.

He served in the Royal Fast from 1934 to 1948, causing as a Chief Petty Officer Put together a meal and later working as an insurance leader for Royal London.

He was part of the HMS Hermes S6 cases Association, however it his failing health meant having been unable to attend recent meetings.

"He had an interest in computers and allotments, and he used to play pool, " Mrs Watts added.

Mr M lived at the Vicarage House Be concerned Home for the last two years of the size of his life.

His funeral will take place from Weston Mill Crematorium on Wednesday, June 15.

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