Thursday, July 30, 2015

contemporary iphone 4 case - laser skin engraved with custom text!

Beautiful and elegant wooden case that may protect your iphone 4 as well as 4S. This case is devised of real wood, which adds a natural feel and touch to your cell. The interior of each case is when you have a velvet like fabric steer clear of scratching. This design is available in numerous different kinds of wood: bamboo, cherry, green walnut

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case Eiffel Tower

You can now have your own personal voice message or quote engraved in the contemporary phone case! You may specify your special text below, as well as some other suggestions like fonttype and kind of wood made

If you have any questions on this, you will have to contact us. When you decide to order, below take a look at your text and suggestions and if we still have any pros and cons, we will contact you first. Once you have derived an order, we will always a person a preview first, before some of us start with the engraving of your contemporary case. You are fre to discuss our preview, until you are happy places. After that, we will proceed with decoration end will ship your trend to you..

If you prefer a custom design with a perception or drawing, please contact us for all the possibilities.

Please note that these cases are produce of real wood, which is not as successful as metal or as durable as plastics; they should be handled properly.

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