Monday, July 27, 2015

Little figure with a big dream: Le Gaozi show you the world

Do you think only humans love photography? No, the LEGO Community, had such a short strong photographer Legography, he was determined to see the beautiful world.

So he took his small partner, United Kingdom photographer Andrew Whyte paper with unique perspective to capture humans accidentally overlooked the good ~

Come on, with his iPhone camera, allow us to appreciate the world ... ...

Photographer Andrew Whyte from the United Kingdom, the "Legographer" most of the photos taken in the famous coastal city of Portsmouth in southern England. The series all series of photos from the iPhone mobile phone, from the 4S and 5S. Of course, to make the picture more interesting, Whyte using photography software 645 Pro Mark II and Snapseed do post-processing, so they have a healing warmth in this series of photos.

If you want to try it, try the following several ways ~

Low point: sometimes we get used to the same height shot, forget low angle there may be unexpected results. Legographer are often close to the horizontal shooting, low angle just might not see another world.

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Skills make up for: cell phone footage has a lot of limitations, but using some tricks can compensate. Such as mobile phones under the low light performance is not satisfactory, you can use lighting to light; rainy days in surface water reflective when using shadows to block, you can solve the problem. polka dot phone case

Repeat determines the focus: due to the limitations of the mobile phone, so that when we filmed to determine the focus repeatedly, in order to ensure accurate focus.

Be good at using the App: as long as your custom photography and post-production App, so shooting maximize its effectiveness, will be able to take satisfactory photos.

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