Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fendi Announce First Ever Haute Couture Vogue Show

FENDI iPhone case have announced an individual's first ever haute couture show. A real never before seen Haute Fourrure Array fur pieces will be unveiled all the way through Paris Haute Couture Fashion 7 days in July later this year.

FENDI Monster Fur iPhone 6 Case Rose

Reduce costs ever show will celebrate Karl Lagerfeld's 50 year collaboration with FENDI case. The designer's relationship with the trademark began in 1965, and is the top collaboration between a fashion house in addition to the designer ever.

"For me, rapport is Fendi and Fendi is simply fur, fun furs! Fendi is simply my Italian version of ability to create. The Fendi Haute Fourrure make show is the oppurtunity to factor the royal furs of furs" Karl said.

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi at Milan Vogue Week 2014 [Getty]

Its show is set to reveal furs almost like you've never seen before, due to Karl and Fendi have worked to luxurious and innovative designs.

Over a upcoming show, Pietro Beccari, Fendi Chairman and CEO said, "We are honoured to take part initially in the Haute Couture Fashion 7 days in Paris with the collection of Luxurious Fourrure. This marks a step forward all the way through Fendi's history, the ultimate expression nonetheless expetise and creativity in rapport, a unique savoir faire that has changed distinguishly the fur world thanks to ferme research and experimentation always screened through the eyes of modernity".

Most of us can't wait to see the looks injured the catwalk. The countdown into July starts now.

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