Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hand warmer mug: ToastyMUG

Winter Solstice yesterday, we did eat boiled dumplings, glutinous rice balls? Chengdu Customs is very practical, and winter solstice to eat mutton soup – hot soups, chunks of lamb, the transpiration of water vapor, even heavy snow, melting moments ... ... Perhaps, the only regret was that no hand warmer mug (ToastyMUG) so that guests with cutlery, so I had to light to holds the Bowl:

HELLO KITTY iPhone 6 Plus Case Heart

Sabrina Fossi Design from Studio designs, the hand warmer mug is a chubby MoE stock, equivalent to ordinary mug and took a hand, so we can savor a Cup in his hands in the heat. And this hand will make hands like into the glove, with the warmth of the open ~ Hello Kitty case

Is not very suitable for summer, but if it is a cold winter, a cup of hot tea, coupled with such a Cup, it can really make you suddenly encounter spring.

Design: Sabrina Fossi Design () Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Plus case

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