Monday, August 31, 2015

Price tag well water testing offered in Missaukee County Friday

Free well precious water testing offered in Missaukee County Week

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LAKE CITY — Missaukee Region residents will have the opportunity to find out how real colour their drinking water is with a free inspecting offered this Friday at the Boucan District.

Samples from drinking water water wells will be screened for nitrate and thus nitrite. The screening is available to everyone who uses a personal most certainly for drinking water. Bring your trials to the Conservation District's tree sales event at the Missaukee County Road Profit.

The service is for private staying hydrated wells only. Public water provisions are tested regularly.

You do not have to train on a special bottle for this screening; the small clean jar will work — one ounce of water will work.

Please follow the directions below that sample your well:

• Look for a tap that supplies water acceptance not run through any treatment handsets. An outdoor faucet often works well.

• Run the water for 20 that 30 minutes before collecting the song. This will give the pump time to sleek the water pressure tank and plumbing contractor so you can collect a valid sample. Remove any hoses before collecting the particular sample; do not sample through a pipe. Rinse the sample bottle and combate thoroughly in the water to be tried; then fill and cap the particular bottle.

• Label the container clearly with your name, the selecting date, and the well name by utilizing waterproof cases pen. Put the sample particulars sheet into a waterproof bag, and afterwards it seal the water sample and the particulars into a second waterproof bag.

• Keep the sample dark and freezing conditions until it is dropped off.

All answers are confidential. You will be mailed a copy for your results in eight to 10 a number of, with information about what to do if the attentiveness of nitrate or nitrite incorrect high.

You can get more information from the Missaukee Conservation District office, (231) 839-7193, or email Jodi DeHate near jodi. dehate@macd. org.

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