Sunday, October 4, 2015

Easy to have a moist and perfect nude makeup

Babibolang new Ying collected moist powder SPF12 PA dual-use tips

The pursuit of perfect nude makeup is every girl, autumn of Foundation requirements are higher, both thin and fall of moist and flawless light try Shu Ying of the Bobby Brown home run dual-use face powder, containing moisturizing hydrating makeup are enjoying their break! Bobby Brown makeup has long been deep inside me, professional make-up brand has always wanted to try ~ exclusive mark ' all black ' simple package, a symmetrical arrangement of thin alphabet design, appearance packages really impeccable!

This paragraph Shu Ying light run dual-use powder cake, first "Institute dissolved baking" technology, has extreme delicate of powder quality and luxury soft of texture, touch skin moments, release thousands of moist particles, Qin skin run raised; achieved end of makeup and skin of perfect fusion, as feathers like light no marks, thin through posted clothing; reached light flawless of natural makeup effect, makes end of makeup lasting not oxidation, achievements youth velvet yan.

Bobby Brown powder is a powder cartridge sells separately from the core, secondary use of the powder box is more environmentally, cored out can be put on it's core, is common cartridge. Artful dishanghui 45 Princess plume curling

Puff's texture is very soft and elastic, pressing on the face the skin comfortable, puff of texture is delicate, makeup natural rough on a uniform fine ~

Gently with your fingers under the watch of of silty fine, delicate texture rough ~ the color number received is the 2nd color fits her skin, more suitable for Asian skin tones, this powder has several colors to choose from, buying powder'd counter depending on your color selection.

See hand trial compared, light no burden, is fitting skin quality, faces effect special good, powder quality delicate not floating powder, is fitting skin, and insurance humidity also also good Oh, this season dry skin with with also also OK, no card powder phenomenon, haha Winter insurance humidity on not know's, in the afternoon fall also is somewhat hot of, Alar around also is will take oil, took out fill makeup is like of; for face Shang of small spots also can cover off, General for is is worth has of a paragraph powder cake!

Dual-use moist powder powder and pure babibolang nude makeup makeup perfect

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