Sunday, October 4, 2015

Transparent transparent bag summer luxury brand fails

Transparent bag who was the first idea? Truly transparent bag to heat up this year, should be this candy-pop is a big push in the middle. Jil Sander out of the earlier people that love-hate relationship of the orange plastic bags, then Furla candy transparent bags in this series, and major fashion blog by a strong recommendation, not red.

Transparent bag

Transparent and translucent is not young and lively brand of patents, because all brands are not backward have released their transparent bag.

Urban Outfitter's Deena and Ozzy bag. Although not familiar with this brand but this bag is Q Oh. Like small bags of the students should love.


Burberry is also enough color. Chanel do you got quickly out of stock

Double c transparent bag

Double c transparent bag.


LONGCHAMP gather round! This beauty is dead! Love is love LONGCHAMP classic with her simple and practical.


Bag Birkin of the King sisters, transparent version of the distinguished atmosphere remains undiminished.

Tape transparent

Look at the Chanel (Chanel) cassette shaped transparent bags, nostalgic "cassette" theme caters to retro elegance of Chanel fan, metal chain appears delicate and easy to carry.


In order to highlight the Chanel (Chanel) has always been the noble taste, designers also added a mink tail bag, fun yet elegant.

Ladies pleasure 2011

There is this Switzerland Lady Dior works of artists Olympia Scarry, her transparent packages this is named "Lady arrival 2011", show the importance of today's women's strength and destructive behavior, tap the creative potential of destruction, people feel the flowing beauty of destruction.


Prada black transparent bags are quite valuable. Transparent plastic with bright leather, Crystal clasp combine to enhance the unique sense of.


Transparent hand bag FENDI, and channel the cassette package has the same essence.

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