Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sister love machine Pan Yuting TINGTING

We all know that Chongqing is known for beautiful women, but I see more, so today before discussing, later heard friends say that, Hangzhou is a really beautiful place, so today I had a sister in Hangzhou – Pan Yuting, looking at photos Strongbow Ah! She claims to be a foodie, self-timer, usually like to eat delicious, are free and friend play out take photos, life was good! Marcelo Burlon cover iPhone 6

Marcelo Burlon cover iPhone 6

Pan Yuting sister now is one junior students, do had part-time models, himself also open has Taobao shop, later through friends of introduced, to do has times digital models shooting, so gradually of on like Shang has digital electronic products, while, she also met has many has common hobby of friends, from only do digital models to now for players machine also has must of requirements; she said: "now side has many play machine big God, she think such can followed they learning, although, I now not professional of, But it is and I really like it. " Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6

She used her cell phone, she feels best is iPhone, she said: "both in terms of optimization of system, camera effects, remains best in the mobile phone, especially with regard to color, remain top of the industry, in addition is the system details, Android can be said to be dumped, WindowsPhone Street"

Speaking of cell phone photographic effect, following some tips when taking pictures is the sister, uncle was so ugly, so good tricks, it is no use only for your use.

First of all, she believed that to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of their own, because everyone is not perfect, so the self-timer when you want to find the right angle to take the best photos. Then just don't stick, and occasionally one or two exaggerated expressions may take an unexpected beauty, always remember to take full advantage of the props around, a nice jewelry or readily available gadgets can change the overall style of your photo. Finally, the attention light angles, backlight pictures are always black, one-time shoot several photos in a row, you can choose the best one.

Usually single issue is our essential questions for this column, is also a machine you care most about, so sister initiative said to me: "did I single you take your guess! Do not ask if I can thin "to what she said, I can only say:" Uncle can only help you to. " Contact, looks like she on Twitter, find their own Oh.

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