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Why more expensive handbag favor

How much money to buy a suit even if a special move? This issue has been in the Voss College (Swarthmore College), Barry Schwartz, a psychology professor (Barry Schwarz) circling in my head, then he is looking in the Boyds Philadelphia men's shop shelves for $ 3,000 Brioni suits one by one; he later recalled, the price is ridiculously high.

Designer handbags at tens of thousands of

We've all had the experience: temptation in the window or our poster stores came in from high spirits, but in amazement before the astronomical price tag. Seems to be such a thing are more and more frequently, and because many of the luxury brands are the spirit of "not the most expensive, only the more expensive" principle of pricing its high-end products have a more than a high. So looked around, saw $ 14,000 of Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) handbags, $ 899 Bugaboo baby stroller and $ 6,900 in Beefeater barbecues to the "super price" of goods is not surprising, that shortfall they raised prices on all became known as the "affordable luxury" and that this camp is still growing.

Some people will see this crazy price tags bugged, but many of us also will be in the heart suddenly got a emotionally on the mathematics of "sublimation", that is, in such a stimulating our hearts price cap would float. We will select the second, if not to make every effort to treasure dug himself awarded a consolation prize for their work. Like Schwartz, the usual jeans enthusiast, he was carrying a set of "only" $ 800 suits out of the Boyds shop.

Although Schwartz never buy clothes cost so much, but he said that so long as the store, and was feeling like a small fortune of $ 800.

Understanding this idea, how many can understand why $ 300 a pair of designer sunglasses to the road. Since Ralph Lauren can take him "Ricky" alligator bag sells for about $ 14,000, so consumers are more likely to spend $ 300 for a regular sweater is comfortable. In fact, many people buy Chanel (Chanel) sunglasses because of their suit seeking and not to this brand. There are a lot of people buy Tiffany (Tiffany) key chain, leggings of Prada, Coach purses and small Frette towels also originated from this.

Dan Hill, President of Sensory Logic (Dan Hill) that when a potential buyer looked shocked by the prices beyond the affordability of the color, the savvy business owners would know where his eye so his proud heart will soon be met and redemption. With its headquarters in Minneapolis consulting firm dedicated to helping companies concluded their and emotional bond between consumers.

In Hill view, pride is a mixture of anger and joy. So define it perfectly sums up our whole shopping experience, sellers of exorbitant first makes us feel angry, then we spend too little to soothe their bruised heart, and a feeling of joy wells up.

According to Hill's view, when a person wants to buy Jesus Jeans jeans are bought a sweater when the fashions. I has a friends had spent 500 dollars buy has a article black Prada high waist pants, and she in purchase Shi think this price set have rather fair, she is has this idea just because she zhiqian in Barneys clerk attentive of hospitality and encourages Xia spent has full a hours to appreciate those more expensive of luxury, also are for so, today she talked about this thing also has is sorry.

Well, I confessed to my husband, I have Lost and Found in Los Angeles spent $ 87 for a t-shirt, it was because I didn't want to spend $ 395 for a skirt.

Don't underestimate that we bought our own comfort. Sunglasses, perfume and a belt with logo and other small items can significantly boost Gucci (Gucci) and Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) the sales performance of the company, called these commodities in the luxury goods industry is very important.

Advertising, in fact, this is the Las Vegas soul and roots. Who took the United States Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines) aircraft, intended to play $ 2 a game of 21, but after they saw people starting at $ 200 bet could no longer repress. What happens next is not difficult to guess, they will in Baccarat Solitaire (Baccarat) game between wake up lying next to a stack of chips, there are exclusive casino host busy busy, but unlikely for some time, these chips look like just pony up the money from myself.

Paid $ 800 for a suit on Professor Schwartz realized when, and said he understood the secret. He wrote articles in the past three years, to about 75 businesses and groups, as many as 8,000 audience explains this psychological phenomenon, his views in Microsoft (Microsoft), Google (Google), the United States National Restaurant Association (National Restaurant Association), GE (General Electric), Time Warner (Time Warner), Lehman Brothers ( Lehman Brothers), several life insurance companies and other companies and organizations, as well as government departments have access to a high degree of recognition.

Schwartz described the sky-high commodities as "anchors", is the anchor for the pricing of those unable to clear goods constructed price cap.

Luxury and everything in the fashion industry to follow this rule. Which is why fashion boutique to Target and retailers such as Zara was annoying cause: their price ceilings were built too low.

Authority of the retail consultant Paco-Underhill (Paco Underhill), this strategy can be traced back to the 17th century; when the King bought a darling in the Court we have to staff a, but must be less than the Kings. Today, our baby is Hermes, Fendi (Fendi), Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Underhill said, although $ 500 handbag is hanging in the window, but we take home a t-shirt, as auto dealers car shown in the window, and then sold in the Hall like a car.

However, today's luxury brand has already made some adjustments to this policy. Coach staff are well versed in this. A company spokesman had said to me, is famous for its flagship store in one expensive handbag, for example, they are for sale but a two, but surrounded by a large number of similar shape, next size smaller, slightly worse moment of handbags work awaits customers out the door. If you are unfortunate enough to afford even this handbag, you can always try a wallet or key chain. Linda box of magic lot of Paris fashion week

When we see business out of high-end products price easy mouth condemned them to consumers under, but it's not a big deal. Apparel market can best embody the spirit of democracy, after all, there are always other stores, other clothing for you to explore.

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