Monday, October 12, 2015

Pretty brilliant build Ferragamo fashion summer

Spring/summer 2011 women's accessories colorful, sunny vitality of youth, but also revealed several delicate and elegant.

W bag


W is Salvatore Ferragamo handbags, classic handbags. W handbags inspired by the 70 's of last century Philippines Ma·feilage Mu (Fiamma Ferragamo) as his mother Wanda (Wanda Ferragamo)--a daily package of design has a smooth exterior and exquisite materials and leathers, and crafted into unique technology by Ferragamo.

W bag is a handbag, able to clean lines; bag is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, and bottom part with contrast color leather. Bold stitching and metal harness details reveal a strong style, adding w handbags strong flavor of the crafts, shows Florence leather and traditional features. IT Bag thick little partner collectively for autumn

Crochet handbag


Leaf fibers w hand-woven handbag with floral design, surface crochet. Light ochre body is divided into little squares, Ecru, beige and blue leaf fibers, "flowers" in the graceful blooms. Handle, shoulder strap and buckle is made of leather, and decorated with eye-catching stitching details.

The handbag collection Ferragamo brand important qualities: the perfect use of leaf fiber and other non-traditional materials, adhering to the unique and complex process of Florence, and try different color combinations and mosaic design. Accessories this season also set the above qualities in a delicate and unique, elegant and innovative.

W bag another highlight is the materials used as well as its natural texture and quality, top and bottom leather harness-style design, the leaf fibers of fine woven decorative patterns. Its clever blend of leather and rough wild and natural delicate leaf fibers, the achievement of strong brands and a summer accessories.

St Tropez Beach bags

St Tropez beach bag RMB9,950

Red, bright orange and other brightly lit colors inject fresh vitality into the accessories this season, continued the consistent brand color a bold attempt to create new elegant, lively and casual yet impeccable accessory products. Handbags, wedge heel ballet shoes and bold use of natural materials leaves and straw fibre, give people a new feeling. Since in the 1930 of the 20th century, Ferragamo started to use "non-traditional" material, has a long history of Italy very unique craft traditions into new elements.

Wedge heel sandals

Wedge heel Sandals RMB4,950

This innovation is saerwatuole·feilage one of Bermuda's most innovative contributions. Woven straw and other fibrous materials by craftsmen in Florence hand good thinking, in combination with leather, multicolor knit uppers, light patterns and crocheted floral decorations can be an elegant boutique.

Round ballet slippers

Round toe shoes RMB4,400

Round ballet slippers with coral red woven fiber upper leaves, and traditional Vara bow leaves fiber material with a metal buckle, replacing the original iconic grosgrain bows, delicate and pretty breath rushing. Toe and heel with Black Suede, unique personality. Summer star items-the wedge-heel sandals using primary colors woven straw covered the entire heel uppers with a huge red strap, two tones of Visual impact but also make this ankle sandal charm shows an exhaustive list. St Tropez Beach bags are made using shades of Red leaves two fiber, designed with refined elegance, rich city atmosphere. "Gancino" tortoiseshell pattern clips to replace the classic straw-handle design and innovative use of the embedded one.

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